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Bogen CSD2X2 - Speaker, Ceiling 2 X 2 Panel
Item #: csd2x2-bogen
Bogen CSD2X2 - speaker, ceiling 2 x 2 panel.
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Bogen Communications - Speakers, Sound Systems and More
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With a varied product line that features notable Bogen speakers and voice communication speaker systems, Bogen Communications offers solutions for a variety of sound system needs. The BPA Power amp 60W model, for example, is equipped with the following features: 1 input: Hi-Z unbalanced; Lo-Z balanced input with accessory transformer (TL600); input level control and lo-cut filter switch; 8-ohm/25V, 16-ohm, 25VCT, and 70V outputs—all features that work together seamlessly to offer consistently high-quality sound.

As for other speakers, the Bogen CS1EZ is a pre-assembled 1-watt single-tap ceiling speaker specially manufactured to be used with 70V amplifier systems. It is made up of an 8" cone speaker and 13" diameter steel ceiling grille, finished with white enamel, and includes a rear-mounted screw terminal board to assure quick and simple installation. Additionally, an accessible volume control knob can be found on the faceplate. Other reliable products include Bogen's AMBSQ1 and AMBSL1 speakers, which offer an all-steel surface-mounted enclosure with an 8" cone loudspeaker, volume control, and a built-in 1W amplifier. While the AMBSQ1 is suitable for ceiling or wall mounting, the AMBSL1 has been created for wall mounting, with a face angled downward by 12.5 degrees.