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Bud Industries SNB-3737 - NEMA Sheet Metal Boxes-L16 X W16 D8
Item #: snb-3737-bud
Bud Industries SNB-3737 - NEMA 4X Enclosures-SNB series-NEMA Sheet Metal Boxes-L16 X W16 D8 Sht Mtl Box B, 16X16X8.
Sale Price: $75.62
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Bud Industries Electrical Boxes Enclosures Racks
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As America’s most-trusted manufacturer of electronic and electrical enclosure racks and cabinets, Bud Industries Products provides an expansive range of top-quality products.

Bud Industries’ products meet the needs of a variety of electrical uses and projects. Bud electrical enclosures vary from lightweight, easily transported enclosures to oversize, stainless steel boxes. Bud also offers a collection of steel and aluminum electronics cabinets for electronic equipment mounting. Installation is simple—the majority of Bud enclosures include mounting provisions, and Bud offers custom modifications for all electronics cabinets, as well as 42u racks that provide for a turn-key system and quick installation.

The extensive list of Bud boxes includes waterproof plastic and fiberglass NEMA Enclosures, which provide the ultimate protection against moisture for electronics, 3 types of diecast boxes and aluminum enclosures, and a variety of others suitable for your diverse electronics needs.

Committed to accommodating almost any enclosure solutions, Bud Industries offers one of the industry’s most diverse product lines, ranging from steel and aluminum to plastic and fiberglass—you choose the material that’s most appropriate for your installation.