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Pomona 4846-K-24 - Sma M Rg174/U
Item #: 4846-k-24-pomona
Pomona 4846-K-24 - Sma M Rg174/U Fluke 1914345 095969168656.
Sale Price: $48.37
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Pomona Electronics - Fluke Electronic Connectors Test Accessories
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A superior provider of accessories for electronic test instruments, Pomona Electronics boasts the most extensive line of connection and test accessories available to engineers and technicians around the globe, specifically designed for such applications as engineering research, test labs, field service and plant maintenance. Some popular accessories include banana plugs, coaxial cable assemblies, patch cords, RF connectors, XLR and 75-ohm cable assembly products, oscilloscope and DMM test lead and probe kits and accessories, IC test clips, boxes. One particularly efficient product, the Pomona Electronics 3561-0, is a test adapter for rapid testing of the contacts or multipin/socket rack or panel connectors, equipped with a tip that allows for testing adjacent contacts.

Other relevant product lines are Fluke connectors, which are especially widely used where bandwidth and low signal loss are of utmost importance, namely in certain industries such as instrumentation, aerospace, and industrial applications Additionally, all relevant Pomona Electronics tools meet UL and IEC61010 safety standards and are RoHS compliant.