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weBoost Wilson 461104 - AG Pro™ Quint 5-Band (700/800/AWS (1700/2100)/1900 MHz) SmarTech III™ Booster Kit (Includes: AG Pro Quint Booster 461004, Wall Panel Antenna 311135, Directional Antenna 314411, 12V/3A AC/DC Power Supply 859900, 60' Black weBoost Wilson 400 Cable 952360, 75' Black weBoost Wilson 400 Cable 952375 and Mounting Hardware)
Item #: 461104
WweBoost Wilson 461104 AG Pro Quint 70 DB Wireless Building Signal Booster Replaces 803470 AG Pro Quint 5-Band (700/800/AWS (1700/2100)/1900 MHz) Smart Technology III Booster Kit (Includes: AG Pro Qui...
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weBoost Wilson Electronics - Cell Phone Boosters, Accessories and Antennas.
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Cellular electronics products, such as Wilson repeaters, are efficient and affordable solutions for improving cellular signals. Wilson’s SIGNALBOOSTTM Cell Phone Signal Booster, for example, is one solution for those seeking better cellular signals for either a particular cell phone, a data card while in a car or on a boat, or service in a certain building. Included with this Wilson booster, the Ultra-Slim Antenna connects to any phone or data card, without the use or hassle of an equipment-specific adapter. For convenience and ease of use, the product works with all major North American cell phone carrier including Cellular (824-894 MHz) and PCS (1850-1990 MHz) carrier frequency bands.

Additional Wilson cellular products include the weatherproof 859902 Lightning Surge Protector, suggested for Wilson installations, namely building and fixed installations. The protector is stocked with N-Female connectors as well as a replaceable gas discharge element.

Wilson Electronics’ main goal is to improve dropped calls and poor signals for cellular communications. Wilson boosters aim to reduce, if not eliminate dropped calls, augment data transmission, and improve cell phone reception. The company provides booster and repeater solutions for machine-to-machine (M2M) data transfer, mobile, and building applications. The company also produces antennas, amplifiers, and other related accessories.