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Hosa Technology - Audio Video Electronic Parts Cables

Hosa Technology - Audio Video Electronic Parts Cables

We still sell Hosa Technology products but have taken them out of this store due to MAP pricing and factory minimum order requirements.


Hosa Technology Minimum Order we can process is $150.00.


Please call 800-635-1545, fax 208-765-3338 or email for pricing and availability on orders above $150.00.


Thank you for understanding, we appreciate your business.


With a sizable lineup of quality technological solutions, Hosa Technology produces affordable cables for a multitude of applications. Hosa Technology cables include the Hosa AAA3FZ Switchcraft Connector, which is part of the AAA series, and includes such notable features as the simple twist on combination handle/strain relief, and a reduced number of parts requiring assembly. The Hosa 3GT-PAK Cloth Guitar Cable, 1 selection from a range of related products, is reputable for being a serviceable, all-metal plug for live-sound applications, with oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductor for enhanced signal clarity, and a high-density OFC braided shield for EMI and RFI rejection.


The Hosa Unbalanced Snake products are designed to link your gear with unbalanced phone jacks to gear with phone jacks, and it’s designed to be used with mixing consoles and patch bays. Some of its useful features include nickel-plated plugs for prime durability and signal transfer, oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors for greater signal clarity, and OFC spiral shields for efficient EMI and RFI rejection.

Hosa, founded in 1984, manufactures top-quality cables to specifications needed for recording studios, video applications, performing artists, and other applications, uses, and projects.