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Bussmann WUY - Buss Heat Limiter
Item #: wuy-bussmann
Bussmann WUY - Eaton buss heat limiter Carton Qty 10 051712733885 Country of Origin: MX.
Sale Price: $46.51
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Bussmann - Eaton Fuses Electrical Circuit Protection Cooper Industries
Bussmann 011-9127 To Enf200X-3Pb811
Bussmann Enf200X-3Pb8N To Xmr-800
Bussmann New Items 10-19-16
Bussmann New Fuses 5-16-16
Bussmann Fuses New 12-29-15
Bussmann Fuses New Products 10-14-14
Bussmann New 10-20-14 00-001-026-32/J to A10412407
Bussmann New 10-20-14 A10420207R26 to A30211607
Bussmann New 10-20-14 A302116 to B164-3289-2C/J
Bussmann New 10-20-14 B164-3289-3L/J to BK/AGC-BV-4
Bussmann New 10-20-14 BK/AGC-SV-2 to BK/GDC-V-500MA
Bussmann New 10-20-14 BK/GDC-V-50MA to BK/HTB-94I-R
Bussmann New 10-20-14 BK/HTB-94M to BK/S506-2.5-R
Bussmann New 10-20-14 BK/S506-2-R to CB50220607
Bussmann New 10-20-14 CB50220707 to F524/J
Bussmann New 10-20-14 LP305408RC to SD1-D-PV
Bussmann New 10-20-14 SD1XL-S to TR/0603FA2-R
Bussmann New 10-20-14 TR/0603FA3.5-R to XSC-LINK
Bussmann produces a comprehensive catalogue of fuses, fuse blocks and holders for the electrical, electronics and transportation industries.

The range of Bussman VEC (vehicle electric centers) line features the Cooper Bussmann Single Vehicle Electrical Center (VEC), a popular transportation industry power distribution module that uses patented and programmable 3D matrix technology. The VEC can be adapted for specific electrical systems, without requiring tooling for implementation. Bussman fuses include high speed, medium voltage, and low voltage options, with a range of relevant fuse blocks and holders available as well.

Cooper Bussman also manufactures inductors, transformers, and solutions for the industrial and mobile wireless industries. With a product list encompassing fuse blocks and holders, high speed fuses, medium voltage and low voltage fuses, Cooper Bussmann presents a simple, and comprehensive, solution for both every day and exceptional electric needs alike across four basic markets: Electrical, Industrial MRO, OEM, and Construction/Contractor.