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Alpha Wire 1450/16-Bk002 - Neoprene Control 1450/16 Black 500 Ft
Item #: 1450-16-bk002-alpha-wire
Alpha Wire and Cable 1450/16 BK002, 1450/16 BLACK 500 FT Neoprene Control Cable Cable, AE C&C, 16 AWG, Cond, 0_327 Diameter, NEOPRENE, 2 Number of Elements, 65_34 Stranding, Braid Shielding, 16AWG 65/3...
Sale Price: $1,895.13
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Whether you’re a professional musician or an amateur trying to start a garage band, A-I Consolidated has a great selection of cables, wires and accessories. Our premier brands have a history of making quality products that are perfect for those replacing frayed wires and trying to boost the quality of their audio and visuals. We carry Alpha Wire cable and tubing. Alpha Wire has been adapting their cable insulation technology for decades to give you the best sound with long-lasting clarity. Our stock of Hosa Technology analog and digital cables, adaptors and connectors will fit all of your A/V needs. Hosa Technology also makes Zaolla Silverline brands, another trusted name in wires and cables. Click on Shop By Brand above for Alpha Wire and Cable, Hosa Technology Cables, Pomona Fluke Test Cables, West Penn Wire and Accessories.

Their stage snakes and stage boxes provide crystal clear sound for any concert space, whether it is a bar or an arena. The selection of Pomona Electronics accessories available at A-I Consolidated can’t be beat, even if you just need a banana plug or coaxial cable. Another great brand we proudly carry is West Penn. They have a wide range of cables, wires and adaptors, as well as the necessary accessories. Our array of Whirlwind Digital products, with everything from effects pedals to microphone stands, is essential for your sharing your music with others.