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Lowell ACS-1505-SW Compact Power Strip-15A 5 Outlets 6ft cord
Item #: acs-1505-sw-lowell
Lowell ACS-1505-SW Compact Power Strip-15A, 5 Outlets, 6ft cord.
Sale Price: $89.18
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Lowell Manufacturing – Audio Electronic Equipment Racks Enclosures
Lowell Manufacturing Company’s selection of Lowell audio racks and enclosures encompasses a far-reaching range of applications. The Lowell 10015LVC-DB boasts volume controls that are ETL Listed, compact, simple to install, and offer exact level adjustment of single or multiple speaker lines. With an availability in 25W, 50W or 100W models with a standard or Decora-style wall plate, all models mount within a single gang E.O. box with a minimum depth requirement of 2.125" and come with easily connected, phoenix-style plug-in screw termination strips for pre-wire convenience with wire capacity up to 14-gauge. Attenuation is 1.5dB or 3dBper step

As for audio racks, the LER-2122 is an E.I.A. compliant rack that offers structural support and code compliance for mounting and securing 19-inch wide electronic equipment. This rack is fully welded 16-ga. steel with a14-ga. steel bottom and reinforced at all load-bearing connections to provide support that is equal to 11-ga. steel. The rack includes 1-pr. adjustable mounting rails, which are alterable for use on the front-to-rear rail supports. The rails have a dual-hole pattern, are installed with the tapped (10-32) side in position, and can be field-reversed to access the square punched side for utilization with cage nuts and 12-24, 6mm or 10-32 screws.

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