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Staco 3PN1010B - Manual Single Unit Variable Transformer
Item #: 3pn1010b-staco
Staco 3PN1010B - Single, up to 120 Volt Input, 50 Hz Compatible, 50/60 Hz, 0-140 Volt Max Output, 10 Amps, 6-12 Amps Range, Plug & Cord: Yes, Ship Wt. Lbs.: 11, Motorized: Manual Part number speci...
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Staco Energy Products - Variac - Transformers
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How to Order and Specify Variable Transformers
171 To 3Pn1510Bv
3Pn1520B To 6011E-3P
6011E-3Y To M1510Ct
M1510Ct-2 To M6011-2S
M6011-3P To Sd511
Custom Variable Transformers
The Staco Energy Products selection of variable transformers and variac equipment provides the superior versatility and dependability necessary for current voltage control applications in laboratory and industrial environments alike. The difference between a standard fixed ratio transformer and a Staco variable transformer is simple: the Staco variable transformer is designed to provide variable output voltage, which can be customized from 0 to 117 percent of the unit's input voltage. An array of standard models are available, including: panel mount, single phase (fixed and adjustable shaft), enclosed cord and plug, metered, fully enclosed, and others. As for how it works, the basic Staco variable transformer includes a copper winding on a toroidal core of laminated, grain-oriented, silicon steel. A carbon brush, connected to an output terminal, is rotated over the length of a precision-ground, precious metal-plated, commutator track to tap off voltage at any turn from zero volts to the maximum output voltage of the winding.

Staco Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Components Corporation of America, is the oldest—and biggest—manufacturer of variable transformers in the United States. Staco Energy develops products and equipment for use in the industrial, commercial, medical and military industries.