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Ushio 5000834 - Light Bulbs Lamps MHR-150N
Item #: 5000834-ushio
Ushio 5000834 - Light Bulbs Lamps MHR-150N.
Sale Price: $139.29
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USHIO lighting solutions range from general lighting—USHIO light bulbs and USHIO lamps—to environment-specific solutions, such as medical, industrial and scientific applications.

A far-reaching variety of USHIO bulbs and products include general lighting for use in interior and exterior illumination, such as products for architectural lighting, landscape lighting, fiber optic illumination, and commercial and industrial lighting. Particular features include high-quality, value-added quartz halogen, fluorescent and compact fluorescent, metal halide and high-pressure sodium products.

Additionally, the USHIO lamps line includes a comprehensive assortment of gas discharge and halogen/incandescent lamps, produced specifically for scientific, medical and industrial use. In this line, USHIO halogen, mercury, xenon, ceramic xenon, metal-halide, EmArc® and Solarc® brand lamps, engineered to precise standards, provide prime performance in the most challenging of circumstances and demanding of environments.