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Hubbell HBL2813 - AC Connector L21-30 inline female
Item #: hbl2813-whirlwind
Hubbell HBL2813 Whirlwind - AC Connector, L21-30 inline female.
Sale Price: $39.95
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With 2 recently released product lines, including the POWER LINK line of power distribution, a newly-developed way of distributing power in a live and mobile application, as well as a new Fiber Optic line of cables and assemblies, Whirlwind Audio Products is known within the industry for cutting edge innovation and product development. But there is also a great deal of standard Whirlwind products that industry pros continue to rely on, because of their quality and endurance. Just look at Whirlwind Snakes: the Whirlwind DI2-015-BK Snake and Whirlwind DRUMDROPKITF-50 Snake are, among a huge selection of others, industry standards. Other Whirlwind audio products, like the Whirlwind 5DINFF Adapter and Whirlwind line isolators, bolster a product line largely comprised of dependable Whirlwind snake parts and audio equipment. And of course, there’s the Whirlwind DCSP1 Power Supply, which amps up the power for condenser microphones when used in collaboration with SPC Series Splitters. As a regulated low-noise 48VDC power supply, it can deliver up to 500mA, and can supply power for about 48 microphones when used with SPC series splitters.