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Atlas Sound Speakers - Electronic Products Equipment
Atlas speakers address a range of professional audio needs. The Atlas Sound AA60, for example, is a popular 3 input channel mixer amplifier. Engineered for distributed business paging and background music systems, small- to mid-sized speech privacy systems music on hold (MOH) plus paging usages, this particular Atlas speaker system combines efficiency with affordability.

Additional Atlas speakers include the Priority Pager Relay Controller, a 2 input by 2 output speaker level relay switcher created for use between an amplifier's output and the speaker load. Each of the PPRC�s channels can handle up to 350 watts, and the product may be used with 25V, 70.7V, 100V or low impedance systems.

Since 1934, Atlas Sound has produced high quality audio technology for a collection of important industries, including commercial, broadcast, music markets, institutional, security, industrial, and custom installation/home industries. In addition to speaker products, Atlas manufactures emergency communications systems, intercom and telecom products, loudspeaker systems, and an array of other professional and custom installed equipment.