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Replacing a car, ATV, or Jet Ski battery has never been easier than with the selection of batteries offered from A-I Consolidated Our AGM and sealed Gel batteries are must-haves at our discounted prices. Find out the benefits of having a new battery with more amps to power your vehicle. The sealed Gel batteries are perfect for off-road ATV and Jet Ski riding, where corrosion and damage are real dangers. Sealed AGM design also lowers the maintenance needs of the car, since there are no vent tubes or filler caps that need to be replaced. The batteries can also be used to keep your car audio running for longer, with certain deep cycle batteries that slowdown discharge and quicken recharging. Our variety and range of prices ensure that you will find the battery the fits your needs and your price range. Most of our batteries come fully charged and ready for installation. Keep your motorcycle or bike running for longer with these vibration and tolerant batteries.