Shop All SVR Platinum Car and Motorcycle Audio Batteries for Sale

SVR Platinum Car and Motorcycle Audio Batteries for Sale
SVR audio batteries are available for a broad scope of applications. The SVR Platinum Series is known for incorporating a proprietary self-sealing valve, plus tank formed plates that augment cell voltage balance. Additionally, SVR platinum batteries undergo 250 quality control checks during the manufacturing process, guaranteed optimal quality.

The SVR4000P pro audio battery boasts proprietary low pressure self-sealing valves and advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology. Additionally, the SVR audio battery is factory tested to avoid premature dry-out for consistent, long-life service, and it has micro porous separators to absorb all the electrolyte lowering internal resistance, eliminating leaks for save installation and storage improving power, and increasing space. In addition to SVR audio battery products, the 1500p�s features include: proprietary low pressure self sealing valves, advanced absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, and puncture resistant glass mat separators.

The MK Battery brand is known for premium quality sealed batteries that are often ready for immediate use, unlike some sealed batteries that often require additional preparation and labor before use.