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Electro Voice EV Amplifiers Microphones Speakers
Electro-Voice EV boasts a formidable array of pro audio equipment, such as subwoofers�including the ELX118 18-inch subwoofer, a supplemental bass for ELX112 or ELX115, with a 35 Hz -200 Hz frequency range�as well as voice amps stocked with sound, like the Electro-Voice CP3000S 120V Power Amplifiers, the notably compact and portable hallmark amp of EV's Precision Series Compact amplifiers series.

Other outstanding EV audio equipment includes the Electro-Voice RE-2 wireless microphone system, a simple system known for being as affordable as it is professional, and the classic 635A wired microphone�arguably the world�s best-known electronic news-gathering microphone, in addition to a far-reaching catalogue of relevant accessories, add-ons, and parts.

As a leading manufacturer of audio equipment, including microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers, Electro-Voice innovates in the areas of pro audio and car audio. EV products are geared for use in broadcasting, � retail areas, concerts of large and small size, as well as houses of worship. Back in 2006, EV joined Bosch Security Systems division, and today the company produces broadcast microphones and loudspeakers in addition to a collection of pro audio equipment and products.