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From lamps and bulbs to ballasts and fixtures, Howard Lighting Products equips customers with a considerable collection of lighting solutions.

What is a Light Ballast?

Take the Howard Lighting ballast collection, for example: available lighting solutions include Electronic Fluorescent, Emergency and Magnetic Fluorescent offerings, in addition to Magnetic HID and Sign Ballast. Ballast lamps by Howard include Howard Lighting Lamp Circline Fluorescent and Howard Lighting Lamp HID High Pressure Sodium products, in addition to a staggering variety of others. Accessories include Howard bulbs and Howard lighting fixtures as well, all manufactured with strict adherence to current standards. The fixtures line is stocked with HID fixtures from floods, highbays, sports lighters, and wallpacks to Utility Cobraheads, NEMA heads and Compact floods.

While Howard Lighting recently expanded to include LED and induction fixtures, the product line also includes linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge (HID), and halogen lamps, necessary for use in a far-ranging list of practical and professional applications and projects.