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Telex Intercom - Radiocom Headsets Systems
Whatever you need from a headset�from lightweight headsets that provide all-day-long ease of use coupled with high quality audio, to full-cushion headsets that offer an optimal mix of performance, comfort, and affordability�Telex Intercom systems provides a suitable solution. Take the Carbon Mic Headset, a camera headset engineered to provide highest-quality communication through carbon camera intercoms in television studios or remote production locations. These boast sensitive carbon microphones, an inspiring voice frequency range, and compatibility with Western Electric-type intercom circuits. Other products include a variety of Listen-Only Headphones, a selection of lightweight and full-cushion monitor headphones, and Announcer Earsets, a collection of earsets for concealed or inconspicuous listening. Additionally, other equipment and accessories, such as customizable individual components, are available.

Telex Intercom Systems, also known as RTS, is considered a leader in manufacturing wired and wireless intercom systems and hardwired intercoms, and presents the most extensive array of dependable intercommunications solutions that are suitable for almost all applications. When Telex joined with The Bosch Group, standards were improved even further, further modernizing products and committing to new innovation.