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Telex Radio Dispatch - Equipment Accessories

Whether you need long-distance Radio Communication from Denver to North Dakota oil fields, law enforcement, military or hospital use, Telex Radio Dispatch products have you covered.

IP control for two-way radio communications

Telex radio dispatch systems can be scaled to enhance day-to-day communications and operations at any facility. We provide application-specific solutions for a wide range of verticals, including commercial business, education, federal and state government, infrastructure, public safety, and transportation.

• Offering the most radio interfaces and
direct IP interfaces: DMR, NEXEDGE, P25

• Covers the most RF technologies:
conventional, DMR, NXDN, P25, SDC, TETRA

• The industry’s best ROI – lowest cost of
investment with the highest performance

• Fully customizable and scalable solutions
to fit the unique requirements of any critical
communications application

To build your dispatch position:

Choose a PC platform, monitor, C-Soft, headset adapter, and accessories.

1. Choose your computer:

2. Choose your C-Soft:

3. Choose your monitor:

4. Choose your headset adapter:

5. Choose any of the applicable accessories:

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