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A-I Consolidated, Authorized Distributor for Electrical & Electronic Parts, Wire & Cable, PRI G Fuel Stabilizer and PRI D Diesel Fuel Treatment, MinnSnowta Roof Razor, Lighting & LEDs, Pro Live Sound, Batteries, and all products in this store, Guaranteed!

At A-I Consolidated, we are dedicated to providing an extensive selection of quality electrical and electronic components, from wire and cable to bulbs and LEDs. We strive to meet the diverse needs of businesses, government entities, and educational institutions worldwide by offering superior products at wholesale prices. Our commitment is to ensure customer satisfaction through fast delivery and exceptional service, fostering successful partnerships across all industries. For over 48 years, A-I Consolidated Inc. has sold batteries, electrical equipment, electronic devices, wire and cable, lamp bulbs, pro music gear, telecommunication equipment, and more. Our list of global clientele values us for our award-winning customer service - we have the awards to prove it.

You receive competitive pricing, direct-from-manufacturer shipments with low shipping rates and most importantly, a 100 percent satisfaction-guarantee. We have shipped more than a 1,000,000 orders to date, so we know what you need to be 100% Satisfied with your orders.

You get decades worth of experience because of our commitment to you. This begins with an outstanding selection of professional,proven, top-of-the-line products from our name-brand manufacturers. On every product you receive, products are at the lowest possible sale price. This can mean as much as 70 percent savings over other companies. You can contact our friendly sales team for quantity pricing, stock checks, bulk pricing options, rush orders, free samples and requests for quotes.

Our promise to you does not end after you place your order. All products are factory-packaged and drop-shipped direct from the manufacturer with their full warranty. You can order today for fast shipping and 100 percent customer satisfaction. If you receive any item that is substandard within the first month, we will replace that product for free or offer a full refund. That is our guarantee.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We strive for excellence in providing world-class products and service. Our valued customers have included Boeing, USPS, IBM, Google, NASA and NASCAR. Since 1976, we have received glowing testimonials and numerous awards recognizing our customer dedication. We have been awarded a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating, the Boeing Silver Performance Excellence Award, the Department of Defense Quality Vendor Award and many more awards.

A-I Consolidated is a worldwide wholesale distributor for small businesses, governments, Fortune 500 corporations, schools and other organizations. We have received the Yahoo highest rating for excellence in customer service. Through our internet store, we offer over 59,000 direct-from-the-manufacturer products with worldwide shipping.

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