Whirlwind MIPAID - 1 gang black wall plate, power supply not included.

Whirlwind MIPAID - 1 gang black wall plate, power supply not included.
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• Brand: Whirlwind Audio


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Whirlwind MIPAID - 1 gang black wall plate, power supply not included 692465019231.

MIPAI Media Wall Plates

The Whirlwind MIPAI media input plates are active, dual input mixer plates designed to combine line and microphone input sources into a single line level balanced output that can be sent over long distances to remote audio processing equipment. Applications include gymnasiums, banquet halls, conference centers and others where local volume control is desired for the source material. Separate level controls are provided for each input and deliver enough gain to drive modern power amplifiers to full output. Up to three MIPAI plates can be daisy-chained together and powered from a single supply located in the equipment rack. Features include LED level indicators, a bass cut switch on the mic input for reducing rumble and a 3.5mm aux input jack that automatically sums stereo inputs to mono. Screw terminal connections are provided and wiring can be done with two pieces of Belden 8451 type wire or a single Cat5 type wire. Electrical backbox depth of 2.5" minimum recommended for gangable box type, 2.125" for utility box type.

Ordering Info:

MIPAIS/PS 1 gang silver wall plate with power supply

MIPAIB/PS 1 gang black wall plate with power supply

MIPAID/PS 2 gang white decora inserts with power supply

MIPAIS 1 gang silver wall plate, power supply not included

MIPAIB 1 gang black wall plate, power supply not included

MIPAID 2 gang white decora inserts, power supply not included

MIPAO/PS termination box; direct audio output with power supply

MIPAT/PS termination box; isolated audio out with power supply

MIPAO and MIPAT output boxes are available to connect the output of the MIPAI plates to the signal processing gear and the 24 VDC wall power supply.


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