PRI FlOW - 55 Gallon Super Concentrated Anti-gel Treatment - Authorized Distributor

PRI FlOW - 55 Gallon Super Concentrated Anti-gel Treatment - Authorized Distributor
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PRI-FLOW Super Concentrated

PRI-FLOW - is a super concentrated anti-gel treatment that keeps fuel flowing and diesel engines running in the most severe cold weather conditions.

Added to fuel, PRI-FLOW reduces the fuel�s pour point and cold filter plug point (CFPP). PRI-FLOW is effective in all of today�s diesel fuels, including diesel #2, MGO and MDO. In fact, independent lab tests show where PRI-FLOW outperforms all the major brands! Best of all, PRI-FLOW is super concentrated.

The Fuel Flow Problem - As temperature drops, the paraffin wax in fuel begins to crystallize. At a certain temperature the fuel will stop flowing and begin to gel, this is known as �pour point�. Just a few degrees above the fuel�s pour point, filters will become plugged (i.e. �cold filter plug point�) causing severe problems in your engine.

The PRI Solution � Fuel gelling problems can be prevented by lowering the pour point and cold filter plug point of the fuel. PRIFLOW�s pour point depressant chemistry does just that. PRI-FLOW alters the way wax crystals grow, reducing the temperature at which gelling occurs and fuel filters are plugged. Moreover, the wax crystals are modified to remain small enough to pass through conventional fuel filters. By properly treating all of your fuel with PRI-FLOW, you can continue to safely use the fuel at temperatures where it would normally gel.

For maximum effectiveness, PRI-FLOW is added to fuels at a dose rate of one gallon PRI-FLOW to 2,000 gallons of fuel. The degree to which PRI-FLOW lowers the pour point and CFPP depends on the paraffinic (i.e. wax) content of the fuel. Typical pour point reduction range with PRI-FLOW is 13-to-55 degrees F. depending on the dose rate. The exact pour point and CFPP temperature of a fuel varies widely depending on the fuel�s chemical composition.

Power Research Inc. advises mid-distillate consumers to conduct a continued quality control program of regular fuels testing to determine pour point and CFPP both before and after PRI-FLOW dosing. PRI-FLOW should not be added to fuel which has already gelled. Suppliers and consumers should always check with the fuel manufacturer to make sure the fuel complies with engine manufacturer�s specifications for Winter usage.

PRI-FLOW Treat Rate (Ratio)

Typical Pour Point Reduction *

50 ppm (1:20,000)

-13�F. or -25.0�C.

100 ppm (1:10,000)

-20�F. or -28.8�C.

200 ppm (1:5,000)

-27�F. or -32.7�C.

300 ppm


-32�F. or -35.5�C.

500 ppm


-55�F. or -48.3�C.

*Starting point is 0� F. (-17.7� C.)