PRI-OCIDE 55 gal Muti-Microbicide Stabilizer Treatment 422400 gallons

PRI-OCIDE 55 gal Muti-Microbicide Stabilizer Treatment 422400 gallons
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• Brand: PRI


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PRI-OCIDE 55 Gal PRI-OCIDE Muti-fuel Microbicide Treatment Treats 422400 Gallons.

For this product to protect you fully, you also need to purchase PRI-D.

PRI-OCIDE Fast Acting Fuel Microbicide, Algae Killer for Diesel Fuel. PRI-OCIDE instantly kills any bacteria, algae, or fungi in Diesel fuel and prevents further growth. PRI-OCIDE contains two active ingredients that work together synergistically to kill growth in both the water and emulsified oil that is created by microorganisms in your fuel Effective on all Diesel fuels, MDOs, MGOs, home heating oils, and bunker fuels Can be safely combined with PRI-D, so you can protect and enhance the performance of your Diesel fuel simultaneously Use PRI-OCIDE when refueling to keep your fuel free from contamination and thereby safeguard your valuable engine.