MinnSNOWta Roof Razor 220 Angle Kit

MinnSNOWta Roof Razor 220 Angle Kit
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• Brand: MinnSnowta Roof Razor Rake

• MPN: 220 Angle Kit

• Ship Weight: 3lbs

• Condition: New

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• Seller: A-I Consolidated

• Category: Home & Garden > Lawn & Garden > Snow Removal

MinnSNOWta Roof Razor 220 Angle Kit


  • Two pieces of tubing bent 20 degrees to allow a 20 degree or 40-degree deflection in pole connection.

  • The inside and outside diameters of the two ends are OD 1.375� and ID of 1.255� nominal. 

  • Primarily for fall away landscaping and/or shallow pitch roofs and solar panels.


A set of angled pole sections to optimize for use of the Roof Razor and Apollo Solar Sweeper Premium snow removal tool on low pitch roofs, solar panels or areas with limited access.

1 Question & 1 Answer
from carmel,ny asked:
February 13, 2021
for the MinnSNOWta Roof Razor Rake 220 Angle Kit what are the inside and outside diameters of the two ends 
1 Answer
Hi Jerry, OD 1.375�€ and ID of 1.255�€nominal. 

The 220 Angle Kit works with the Dynamo Roof Razor and the MinnSNOWta Apollo Roof Razor Solar Sweeper Premium Solar Panel Snow Removal System. Thank you
Submitted by: Gene Flamand on February 14, 2021