MinnSnowta Roof Razor 6 Foot Long Extra Pole

MinnSnowta Roof Razor 6 Foot Long Extra Pole
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• Brand: MinnSnowta Roof Razor Rake

• MPN: 6 Foot Long Extra Pole

• Ship Weight: 8lbs

• GTIN: 186741000087

• Condition: New

• Availability: In Stock

• Seller: A-I Consolidated

• Category: Home & Garden > Lawn & Garden > Snow Removal

Roof Razor 6 Foot Pole Extension

The inside and outside diameters of the two ends are
OD 1.375� and ID of 1.255� nominal. 

Extra 6 foot long pole extension. Fits all The Roof Razor roof rakes and MinnSNOWta Apollo Solar Sweeper Premium solar panel snow removal tool.