Atlas Sound K-100N - Replacement Voice Coil Assembly for AS100N and SD-370A 100W Siren Speaker

Atlas Sound K-100N - Replacement Voice Coil Assembly for AS100N and SD-370A 100W Siren Speaker
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• Brand: Atlas Sound

• MPN: K-100N

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Atlas Sound K-100N Replacement Voice Coil/Head Assembly for AS100N.


Replacement head assembly, Model K-370A, is available for field replacement of Model SD-370A. Product series is suitable for use with matched amplifier and control equipment in systems requiring AMECA (Automotive Manufacturer Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc.) certification to General Services Administration specifications (KKK-A-1822C).

Installation Procedure for black or black/chrome driver:
1. Clean the outside of the driver with a damp cloth to remove any dust, magnetic particles, etc. before disassembly. Ensure that the immediate work area is clear of magnetic particles that might be attracted to the air gap after the driver is disassembled.

2. Remove and discard the eight screws and washers that secure the sound chamber to the magnetic assembly (pot).

3. With care, separate the sound chamber assembly from the magnetic assembly (pot). To avoid damage to the voice coil, pull the sound chamber away evenly. Take care to avoid foreign matter being attracted and entering the magnetized air gap.

4. If the new sound chamber will not be installed immediately, cover the air gap temporarily with masking tape to keep dirt out.

5. Remove the tape covering the air gap (if installed in step 4) and inspect the gap with a strong light. Clean the gap with a folded piece of masking tape (sticky side out). Repeat this step with a fresh piece of masking tape until the air gap is clean.

6. Discard existing cork gasket(s) and install the two new cork gaskets into the sound chamber, aligning the slots on the gasket I.D. with the terminal connections to the voice coil.

7. Loosely install sound chamber assembly to magnet assembly, aligning the terminal connections on the sound chamber with the machined recesses on the magnetic assembly. Do not press the sound chamber on.

8. Install the eight new nylon washers and the eight new screws.

9. Tighten all screws finger tight.

10. Hold the two assemblies together and tighten the screws alternately. Tighten all screws with even torque.

11. Check the voice coil DC resistance with a meter. Resistance should be between 3.8Ω and 4.3Ω (driver un-powered and cold).

12. If the installation is a two-speaker system, be sure to connect the two drivers “in polarity” (lower sound output will occur if the speakers are connected “out of polarity”).