Eiko SEN-S1-RC2 - Remote Control for S1B Sensors led access

Eiko SEN-S1-RC2 - Remote Control for S1B Sensors led access
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• Brand: Eiko Lamps


• Model Number: 10113

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• GTIN: 031293101136

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• Category: Home & Garden > Lighting > Light Bulbs

Eiko SEN-S1-RC2 - Remote Control for S1B Sensors led access. The infrared remote control can control detection area, hold time, stand-by level, stand-by dim level, etc. The remote then used to send settings to a fixture. There can be an unlimited amount of fixtures as you are merely sending 1 of the 4 modes that has been preset and the fixture will adopt the setting.
Remote Buttons Action
Transmit  Uploads the settings 
Detection Area  25%/50%/75%/100% 
Hold time The timeout from 100% to dim 5S/30s/1min/
Daylight Threshold 5Lux/15Lux/30Lux/50Lux/100Lux/
150Lux/ Disable
Stand-by period The timeout from dim to off
Stand-by DIM level 10%/20%/30%40%
Auto mode 1. Movement Motion detect 3-6m
2. Presence detect 3-6m
3. Presence detect with daylight harvesting 3-6m
4. High mounting: 6-15m
5. High mounting with daylight harvesting: 6-15m
ON-OFF Permanent ON/OFF
Reset Button for default settings
Ambient Threshold  Pressing this button will disable the daylight
harvesting function, which is offset if the current threshold is not suitable
Dim+ / Dim  Adjust the target light level according to the
ambient light
4 Bottom Quick Buttons 4 optional quick settings

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