Electro-Voice EV ULM18 - F.01U.168.803

Electro-Voice EV ULM18 - F.01U.168.803
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• Brand: Electro-Voice EV

• MPN: ULM18

• Model Number: F.01U.168.803

• Ship Weight: 4.15lbs

• GTIN: 800549584814

• Condition: New

• Availability: In Stock

• Seller: A-I Consolidated

• Keywords: ULM18, F.01U.168.803, Electro-Voice EV, ULM18 Wireless Lapel Headworn Cartridges Mic

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Electro-Voice ULM18 - Uni-Directional Lapel Mic F.01U.168.803 800549584814.


Uni-Directional Lapel Mic

The ULM18 is a high quality directional (cardioid) condenser lavalier microphone suitable for sound reinforcement or recording of voice. Designed for use with the R300-E wireless bodypack system, the ULM18 allows users the convenience of a hands-free presentation or performance experience. Exceptionally useful for sound reinforcement applications, the ULM18’s directional cardioid polar pattern reduces sound system feedback potential when used properly. Contains a 1 meter cable terminating with a TA4F connector, alligator-style clothing clip, and a detachable wire mesh windscreen.

▪ Superb voice intelligibility
▪ Cardioid polar pattern helps avoid sound system
▪ Alligator-style clothing clip holds the microphone
securely in place
▪ Detachable wire mesh windscreen

Technical specifications:

Generating Element Condenser, back electret
Frequency Response: 100 -18,000 Hz
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Impedance: 200 ohms
Sensitivity, Open Circuit Voltage,
1 kHz:
5.6 mV/pascal
Cable length: 1 meter
Polarity Pin 1: Ground; Pin 2: Mic Input;
Pin 3: +5V bias;
Pin 4: N/C
Connector: TA4F
Accessories Furnished: Mesh Windscreen
Clothing Clip